Globally, Microhm takes the leading role as a supplier for the low-impedance and high-precision resistors of either simple design or heavily-loadable power to satisfy the highest demands.With the capability of cutting-edge designs and the use of high-grade materials, we have successfully developed the components with the small temperature coefficients, low thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability, low inductance, and high (pulse-) loadability to fulfill the essential requirements of the precision resistors.

Under our efforts in this industry, Microhm is a resistor manufacturing company, specializing in Power Resistors, High Precision Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Shunts, Busbar with Shunt Resistors and Special Resistors. We aim at providing our clients the highest quality components for their design and system requirements. Our products are widely used in various applications including automotive, consumer electronics, computer and peripherals, communication, industrial automation, green energy, and more.

Furthermore, we promise to provide the best service to our customers, including free sample support, fast lead time, top-quality products, competitive price, rapid response in quotation. And most importantly, we provide the real-time technical support whenever the customers inquire.

We believe that the technology is always the core of the resistor industry. Based on our philosophy, Microhm has been continuing to invest in developing new products to serve your future requirements and to meet the rapid-changing component market.


Our Features

Offering customized design service for resistors.

Our Vision  

Microhm is determined to be an overall solution provider of varied resistors.

Our Mission 

Providing first-class service and products for diverse applications.

Our Advantages

Microhm not only provides high quality and reliable products but also offers  excellent after-sale service. The outstanding point is that our relationship with customers is one to one. Technical problems can be solved very soon.





High Quality Products and Fast Delivery

Customized  and Special Design

Flexible Customer Service Team

Confirm Price and Lead Time Fast