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Application of  Resistors
2018-08-31 Application of Resistors

Resistors are passive electrical components helping control the flow of current in a circuit. A high resistance means less current is available for a given voltage. Inside a resistor, electrons collide with ions, slowing the flow of electricity and lowering the current while producing heat. Timing and Frequency A resistor connected to a capacitor provides a timing source in many circuit designs, electronic sirens light flashers and many other circuits depend on this feature. The capacitor, holding electric charge like a cup holds water, takes a certain amount of time to fill with current, and the resistor determines how fa...


Shunt Resistor MMS8420 for Battery Management System
2018-08-31 Shunt Resistor MMS8420 for Battery Management System

MICROHM develops a series of high power current sense resistors for designers to measure preciselyin high power application. Schematic Diagram MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 Features: 15W up to 36W Lead free, RoHs compliant for global applications and halogen free Excellent long term stability Load Stability to 0.1% The small size and high power SMD resistor bring the reductionof the board space in current sense. Low resistance value, low TCR, high power and excellent long-term stability enable precisely measurement of the current flowing in BMS, even in the current rise condition.. MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 is an ide...


What Is Resistor Noise?
2018-08-22 What Is Resistor Noise?

Noise is an unwanted phenomenon for resistors. For some applications the noise properties are important. Examples are high gain amplifiers, charge amplifiers and low-level signals. Resistor noise is often specified as microvolt noise per volt of applied voltage, for a 1 MHz bandwidth. Thermal noise is the predominant source of noise for resistors. It is dependent on three variables: resistance, temperature and bandwidth. The relation between these three parameters is describes by the formula: Where E is the RMS noise signal in volts, R is the resistance in ohms, k is Boltzmanns constant, T is the temperature in Kelvin and ...


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