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How does a Chip Resistance Testing Equipment Helps to Improve the Product Quality?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-11
After all the process of chip resistance manufacture, packing will be carried out and placed on the carrying belt to form a strip. In the packaging, there will be some phenomena such as fragmentation, mixing, setting-up, inversion, placing, empty material, jumping material, material missing angle, carrying belt contamination, carrying belt damage, and so on. A bad resistance flowing to the client terminal and attached to the circuit board will result in the bad quality of the final product, and a security risk. Because of a bad resistance, flow to the client terminal attached to the circuit board, will result in a final product bad, and even may have a security risk, at this point, we need to detect the chip resistance.

The commonly used chip resistance detection has some equipment in many resistance production companies, these chip resistance detection flow devices, including automatic control device and equipment platform, the chip resistance device platform is equipped with feeding device, detection device and receiving device, The chip resistance detection device includes an industrial camera and a light source. The chip resistance feeding active wheel is connected with a power device. The chip resistance receiving device includes a receiving guide wheel and a receiving bin.

In the appearance inspection of packaging after the chip resistance process is finished, the traditional way is to detect the appearance and defect of the product by manual microscope through the naked eye. There are many shortcomings in the manual inspection, for example, the fatigue of the naked eye will lead to the instability of the quality of the product. Production efficiency is low, appearance precision is not enough. If chip resistance appearance defect detection can not be guaranteed, which will directly affect the quality and function of the finished product of chip resistance.

Chip resistance testing equipment completely solves all the shortcomings of manual detection. In this way, chip resistance factory can realizes high efficiency, high precision, high stability, strong generality. Product quality are guaranteed.


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