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Precision Resistors for Medical Applications

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-28
Various resistors are designed for a variety of products to be used in medical prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. From small, implantable, and non-invasive devices, to large diagnostic imaging equipment, high-performance resistors enable medical product designers to continue to improve the quality of life of patients around the world.
 As the operating environments are high voltage and magnetic fields where accuracy and stability are crucial. Resistors ultilized should be with superior TCR and VCR, high voltage, low noise, high ohmic values, tight tolerance and good pulse handling capability.
Resistors are used for many diagnostic imaging applications based on proven reliability and functionality. Imaging equipment manufacturers rely on our leaded and surface-mount resistors to provide the precision and performance required by advanced imaging methods. Tightly controlled TCR and VCR, low noise, and enhanced ESD tolerance make  high-voltage and high-value resistors a premium component to any medical imaging application.  High ohmic-value resistors with ultra-tight TCR and VCRs  are also used for medical power supplies, patient monitoring systems, blood analyzers and more.

Medical device, tend to be downsized, rely on our resistors to maximize the functionality and reliability of designed for each device. Resistors of pulse-handling capabilities needed for critical medical circuits, external/internal defibrillators, and electrocardiogram for instance.

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