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TO Package Power Resistors

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-11-07
What is a TO Package?
The increase of power capabilities for transistor technology lead to the development of device packages capable of dissipating much greater amounts of heat. These specialized packages are referred to as transistor outline, or TO package. The high-power versions of these packages have been adopted by other types of components as a convenient way to enhance thermal performance.
TO packages for resistors.
The most common packages utilized by resistor manufacturers are (in order of power capabilities) the TO-263 (D2PAK), TO-126, TO-220, TO-247, and TO-227. The TO packaged devices are among Microhm Electronics’ fastest growing product lines and cover power ratings from 10 to 140 watts or more in a single package. Microhm Electronics TO packages resistors comprise of NLR30, NLR35, NLR50, NLR100 and NLR140.

A wide array of applications.
These packages are used in a large number of products including theater lighting, fuel cells, precision welding equipment, EV battery charging, motor drives, inverters and other power conversion equipment.  Proper thermal design is key to optimizing the capabilities of their compact size allows for several heat sinking options to facilitate exceptional  power handling for their size.
Microhm Electronics' TO package resistors can cross reference of some of our main competitors’ products. It is one of the most competitive resistors among all of our product lineups.

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