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Wind Power Resistors Carry Out a Technological Revolution under the Popularity of Wind Power Generation

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-12-20

Under the popularity of wind power generation, market demand of wind power resistors is growing at a certain amount each year. As resistors, many resistor manufacturers with astounding business opportunities are actively developing and producing wind power resistors. The wind power installed capacity of the wind power industry has increased year by year, with the most advanced development in Europe and the rapid rise of the Asian region. This has prompted the wind power resistor market to become hot.

The technology development of wind power resistors is getting faster and faster, including the technology of wind power equipment itself, as well as various technologies related to wind power construction management. In recent years, wind power technology has made rapid progress. The single-machine capacity of wind turbines has increased rapidly, and the grid-friendly performance has improved significantly. However, it is still necessary to continuously improve the technical level of wind power equipment. In particular, technical research is focused on resource instability, including smart grid technology, energy storage technology, energy use technology, and so on.

Wind power resistance is mainly applied to the variable frequency/converter system of direct drive or double feed variable speed constant frequency generator set, which improves the low voltage ride through capability of the generator set, limits the large current impact caused by the voltage drop of the power grid, protects the excitation converter, and limits Rotor winding overvoltage. In order to limit the maximum current of the rotor when the voltage is dropped, the usual method is to disconnect the rotor-side converter from the rotor circuit immediately after detecting the sudden drop of the stator voltage, and connect the rotor bypass wind-electric resistor into the rotor circuit, which is equivalent to adding the rotor. The impedance, thus effectively reducing the maximum current of the rotor loop during voltage dips and recovery. Now we analyze the market size of wind power resistors from the three major constraints of the wind power market.
At present, the development of wind power resistors has broken through many technical bottlenecks. The development of high-precision resistors and the production of shunts have been applied to wind turbines. Wind-electric resistors are undergoing a technological revolution. Based on the new wind power networking technology, the requirements for the development of precision resistors and shunts are more stringent. The resistors used must be high precision, low temperature drift, miniaturization and so on.

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