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Industrial Applications of Industrial Robots will Further Refine Classification

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-12-28
Industrial robots are important products for the development of modern industrial civilization. The application and development of industrial robots using MICROHM precision resistors also greatly improve the level of industrialization, allowing robots to replace labor and accelerate the pace of industrial production. At present, the growth rate of the industrial robot market is slowing down. Many manufacturers face the risk of overcapacity after capacity expansion. Coupled with the spread of low-price competition in the market, capital pressure runs through the entire industrial chain. Industrial robots began to further refine the classification in the application market.


First, industrial robot applications have now penetrated into various industries from the traditional automotive industry. With the increase in labor costs, various industries need industrial robots to achieve machine substitution, in 3C, automotive, metal processing, logistics, ceramics, sanitary ware, home , clothing, food, medicine, etc. have the needs of industrial robots.
Second, the slight differentiation or subtle differentiation of product structure is actually a special application for the market at present. In many markets, many companies have made mechanical product structures more suitable for applications, and are more able to meet customer requirements.

Third, the hardware development is similar. In order to meet the generalization of the entire product structure and hardware modules, there is now a trend of convergence on the hardware interface. At the same time, there are some standardized industrial buses for industrial buses. Precision hardware is added to many hardware to improve the operational sensitivity of industrial machines and make industrial machines more competitive in the market.
Fourth, application software is enriched. In order to use various industries and processes, many companies have different software packages for robot applications, so software needs to control robots with current precision data. At this time, many manufacturers put precision shunts into industrial robot hardware. In production, this hardware and software combines the precise operation of a robot.
Fifth, artificial intelligence has been initially applied in the industrial field, the most typical is machine vision.


From the technical system of the robot, in fact, from the bottom core components to the basic theory, to the robot system technology and integration technology, to the final intelligent manufacturing, there are many technologies involved, electronic components, such as capacitors, resistance, inductance. However, the application of each layer is inseparable from software and algorithms. The competition of industrial robots in the future is mainly reflected in software and algorithms. If the control accuracy and efficiency have reached the international level, the rest of the work is software and algorithms, including basic motion control, human-computer interaction, etc.


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