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What will be the Effect after the Decommissioning of Electric Vehicle Power Battery?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-02-21
Electric vehicle battery is the main power source of new energy vehicle. The high precision shunt in battery management system will indicate that the battery is insufficient. Replacing batteries has become the preferred choice for many consumers when it is no longer possible to drive a car for a long time, which will lead to a large amount of battery power. How to make use of these batteries has become a topic for many battery manufacturers. In the current technology, the reuse of residual batteries can effectively reduce the cost of resources.

After the new energy vehicle battery is retired, it can maximize the utilization of battery surplus energy resources through the use of ladder. When the power battery capacity of new energy vehicle is reduced to below 80%, it can not meet the demand of automobile power completely, but it can be used in other fields. The Ministry of Industry and Information has actively carried out a pilot project for the recycling and utilization of new energy automotive power batteries to promote the development of trapezoidal utilization tests in the fields of electricity reserve and energy storage in automobile manufacturing, battery production and comprehensive utilization, and to explore new business models.
At present, many base stations carry out the application of battery backup, and use the ladder battery about 1.5GWh. At present, the running condition is good, which fully verifies the safety and technical economic feasibility of trapezoidal use. At the same time, battery enterprises break through the key technologies of battery grouping and capacity comprehensive evaluation in the industry. The use of decommissioned battery, production for the field of power supply ladder use battery products. Some enterprises are exploring the use of trapezoidal batteries for urban logistics vehicles, and some enterprises promote the use of trapezoidal batteries in environmental sanitation, sightseeing and other vehicle applications by means of leasing and selling.
The development of battery management system technology and the improvement of battery production technology are used to detect the battery with precision shunt in battery management system. If battery performance is found to decline, some of the batteries cannot be replaced separately under existing battery ladder utilization technology. However, the trapezoidal utilization of new energy automotive power battery is in its infancy, with great development potential and broad market prospect.

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