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What is the Function of Chip Resistors in LED Power Supply?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-02
The power supply is widely used in various electronic equipment or systems, in which the development of the LED products is most obvious, and the rapid development of the LED products requires a large number of power supplies. The performance of the LED power supply can directly affect the normal operation of the equipment or the system. How to make the LED power supply more stable and better in application, the key is to do the rectification filter of LED power supply well, this circuit needs high precision chip resistor. The chip resistor with good high-quality and stability is used for filtering, and has obvious frequency characteristic and noise absorption capacity, and the ideal electronic material for purchasing the LED power supply becomes an important decision element.

The development of LED power supply is related to the service life and functional use of LED products. If it is not qualified, it is easy to cause damage to the LED power products, which requires reasonable handling of the electronic components in the LED power products.

At present, many countries have become the manufacturing center of LED full-color display screen, and the level of technical quality is continuously improved. With the further improvement of cost-effectiveness, the application field is more and more wide, like advertising, stage, signboards, transportation facilities, public places and so on. At the same time, with the improvement of technology level, users and manufacturers require more and more high performance parameters of LED full-color display screen. About 70% of all performance parameters of LED full-color display screen depend on the performance parameters of LED electronic components.

Therefore, LED electronic components, especially chip resistors, are the key parts for LED full color screen. Selecting high quality ones, including chip capacitance, high voltage chip capacitor, chip resistance, chip inductor, tantalum capacitor, precision resistor, electrolytic capacitance, voltage regulator diode and rectifier diode, is crucial and decisive to improve the performance of LED power supply.


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