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The Usage of Low Ohm Current Sensing Chip Resistor in Power Management Module

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-02
Chip resistor is a passive component which is mainly used to establish and maintain the safe current range required in electronic parts. At present, a full range of chip resistors are available on the market, including: automotive chip resistor, general thick film chip resistor, thin film high precision high stability, current sensor, networks and more. These chip resistors can meet the diverse application of customers. But in the power management module, low ohm current sensing chip resistor is more important.

The low resistance current sensing chip resistor is used as the overcurrent protection device in the power supply circuit. They are generally used to measure or adjust current. As a important part of power module, its quality have a great influence on the whole power product. An accurate low ohm chip resistors should be used to detect the current in the circuit. The voltage drop should be also measured.

When engineers want to compare the temperature resistance stability of different current-induced resistors, the TCR alone cannot provide accurate information about the measurement accuracy. As the resistance is also affected by the element's self-heating. With the increasing expectation of electronic equipment, the speed of signal processing becomes faster and faster, which brings a challenge to designers to control high-frequency noise. In these cases, the self-inductance of the resistor plays an important role.

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