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Precision Shuts Applied to New Energy Electric Vehicle has been Widely Recognized

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-03
The development of new energy vehicles is in full swing. Apart from precharge resistor - metal clad wire wound resistor - applied to main control system used for current-limiting, high precision shunt measuring large current is also used in battery management system of new energy vehicle.

Because of the government's support and policy preference, the development prospects of electric vehicles have been greatly improved, turning electric vehicles into important themes.
Carmakers, industrial companies and research institutes have joined forces to promote the planned mass production of hybrid and electric vehicles. In the process, the newly developed power electronic system is also integrated into electric vehicles, which requires more precision resistors that conform to automotive electronics. System developers face new challenges due to the special requirements of automotive OEMs.
Precision resistors and current detection shunt required play an important role in vehicle weight and efficiency. In addition, overall system costs and fees should be kept low, while top quality and reliability of the product should be ensured.

To successfully integrate electric vehicles into mobile, technical barriers need to be overcome in order to break through existing constraints. Carmakers generally agree that many resistors do not always meet the performance specifications of electric vehicles or meet all design limits.
The autonomous range of the vehicle directly reflects the power transmission efficiency and energy management system. On the other hand, public infrastructure systems such as hundreds of kilowatts of high-power fast-charging systems must operate under strict size and efficiency restrictions. High-precision shunt and high-precision resistors have all the potential needed to meet these new market requirements.


Over the past few years, the growing demand in the automotive market has led more and more resistance manufacturers to produce high-end precision resistors and shunts in order to meet the needs of this particular industry. It is clear that new technologies not only bring about improvements, but also bring many problems. The reliability and quality of precision resistors, including shuts, are as important as their performance. Believe that in the future, more resistance production companies and strive to achieve a good balance between performance, technical innovation and quality. We believe that in the future more resistance production companies will be able to achieve a good balance between performance, technological innovation and quality.


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