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Metal Clad Resistor is Increasingly Popular

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-22
Metal Clad Resistor is a popular resistor in the market. At present, the demand for it is increasing in many industries. For example, battery management systems of photovoltaic power generation and new energy vehicles demand a large number of high stability, high precision  aluminum shell resistors, alloy resistors, film resistor and more.
The aluminum shell resistor can be used as a good protection because it is applied to the resistor in an aluminum alloy case. The aluminum casing is used in the resistor to consume energy. Its material is aluminum alloy, which is better in electrical conductivity.

At present, the trend of resistance development is the need for miniaturization, integration, density, and special industry applications. More and more new requirements are placed on resistors. In order to further improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, home appliance companies demand the convert of high power resistor to surface mount resistor. Aluminum shell resistors meet the functional requirements of these two types of resistors at the same time, and are widely used in the market.

Not all industries must use aluminum shell resistance, It mainly used in the field of electronics, can effectively reduce the probability of accidents. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of aluminum shell makes it has lower requirements for the work environment, and it can also be used in some chemical enterprises so as to protect the internal components of the power supply, as well as provide convenience for users.
With the emergence of increasingly number aluminum shell resistors, users can choose more appropriate ones, which make the operation of the equipment not be disturbed. Metal Clad Resistor play an much more important role in the market.

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