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Resistors' Features For Different Categories

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-05-06
In terms of material used,  fixed resistors are classified as chip resistors, metal film resistors, metal oxide film resistor, carbon film resistors,  wire wound resistor and network resistor.
Chip resistors,  the most standard resistors at present, are a surface mounted type resistor which comprise electrodes suitable for PCB surface mounting. About 85%~90% of fixed resistors are square-shaped resistors.

Metal film resistors comprise a stable ceramic substrate coated with metal, Ni-Cr for instance. Metal film resistors outstrip carbon film resistors in accuracy, current noise restraint level, linearity and temperature properties.


Different from metal film resistors, ceramic cores are constructed as the substrate of metal oxide film resistors and coated with metal oxide, such as tin oxide. Thus it does not burn and can bear a few watts. Much attention should be paid when mounting this kind of resistors as they radiate heat.

Carbon film resistors incorporates a solid ceramic core coated with carbon film that has the characteristics of electric resistant. In consideration of the heat radiation and fire retardation, carbon film resistors become the most welcome resistors for low-power applications from the view of safety.

Wire-wound resistors consist of a coil of thin metal wire on a ceramic spool. They do not affected by temperature so much. What is more, their noise generated is comparatively low, while their frequency characteristics are poor. So they are not suitable for high frequency circuits.

Network resistors are a composite component package incorporating multiple resistors. Electronic circuits are now utilizing an increasing number of network resistors for the reduce of parts and high-density mounting needs as well as cost down of labor.

Wide range of resistors offer the options for specific applications. To sum up, resistors are employed on the basis of their different features. A good learning of the features of all the resistors benefit the choose of right models for electric circuits.

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