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Power Resistors' Introduction and Categories

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-05-14
Power resistor market are focusing on developing power resistors that dissipate huge amount of power, while keeping their size as small as possible. In an electric circuit, power resistors endure and distribute a huge amount of power. This power dissipation by a power resistor results in accelerated increase in temperature, after which the power resistor starts dissipating power through the circuit board and the surrounding atmosphere.  In order to minimize this kind of dissipation and the consequential hazardous failure conditions, raw materials having high thermal conductivity are used to develop power resistors. These constituents of power resistors enable efficient cooling. Power resistors are often coupled with heat sinks to facilitate the efficient dissipation of high power. Under maximum load, some power resistors require air- or water-based forced cooling.

Power resistors made of high thermal conductivity materials, especially carbon composite resistors, have the ability to endure high energy pulses. This mitigates the risk of circuit damage or failure. Also, most of the raw materials required to develop power resistors are not much expensive. If the standard usage specifications are met, power resistors are very reliable, efficient and long lasting. These factors are expected to drive the growth of the global power resistor market over the forecast period.
With respect to the form factor, the global power resistor market can be classified as surface mount resistors, through hole resistors, axial resistors, DPAK resistors, radial resistors (standing
resistors) and chassis mount resistors.

On the basis of material, the global power resistor market is segmented into metal film resistors, wire wound resistors, nichrome wire resistors, film resistors, carbon composite resistors, cement resistors, and others.
However, due to humane error, operating power resistors above their specified power rating results in highly exothermal conditions. This causes severe consequences, such as the resistor can ignite and destroy the circuitry. Some other consequences of operating power resistors above the rated power include, short circuits, reduction in circuit and power resistor life span, and a shift in the overall resistance value. These factors challenge the growth of the global power resistor market.
During the forecast period, Japan and China are expected to be the fast-growing countries in Asia Pacific market as compared to others. North America is expected to hold a large share in the global power resistor market and is expected to maintain a balanced growth rate over the forecast period. The growth of the power resistor market in North America is attributed to the ever-rising growth in the field of electronics. Besides, the large presence of power resistor services and solution providers is also expected to drive the growth of the power resistor market in the region.

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