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Resistor solutions within inverter applications

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-05-17
Inverter power resistor applications probably require filter resistors, gate resistors, snubbers, balancing resistors, bleeders, voltage dividers, braking/regenerative braking resistors, power factor control,  pre-charge resistors, surge current protection, and even current shunts. Here we discuss the various resistor solutions.

Microhm’s expansive line of wire wound resistors work exceptionally well for use in the high energy locations in the diagram such as braking and surge current protection.  The NUAL series offers high power handling capability in an easy to package aluminum housing.  With a very wide range of available resistance values and power handling from 5 watts to 300 watts, this series is appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Nual series also offer superior power handling capability in a small package. All of our power wire wound products can be readily optimized for high pulse applications.

Microhm offers various power film resistors would be applicable to many of these requirements.  Our NLR140U series features power ratings up to 140 watts in a convenient TO-247 package with a resistance range beginning at 0.01Ω and extending to 51KΩ.  Lower power requirements are supported with our NLR35 (TO-220) series with power ratings to 35 watts. In applications requiring surface mount technology we offer our NLR50, a TO-263 packaged device with power capabilities of 50 watts and a resistance range beginning as low as 0.02Ω and topping out at 51KΩ.

Finally, for current sensing we offer a number of technologies.  For surface mounted products, our MPR series of metal element shunts are available in case sizes from 1206 to 2512 with power ratings up to 3 watts.  Our MVR2321-4 features a true Kelvin connection in a compact package capable of handling up to 40 watts all with an extremely low available TCR of 10ppm. 

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