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Resistor Technical Trend

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-11
Resistors are tend to be high precision, high reliability, high voltage, PB free as well as high density mounting. Narrow space mounting is achieved by fillet-less mounting to improve mounting density.  As the requirements for higher performance in the restricted space are increasing, not only a resistor but resistor network will need downsizing and area array mounting.

The recent market requires higher density mounting, which leads to the request for higher power at conventional product size. Resistors had been used with luxury of derating before while resistors are getting used with tight derating recently. We have to improve resistors themselves as well as to study the rated power of resistors, mounting method, recommended pattern layout, etc., to take necessary measures to these trends.
The downsizing of resistors is nearly the limit and in the coming years Device Embedded Substrate compounding EPD including resistors, capacitors and inductors or semiconductor Embedded Active Device seems to become popular. To enable high speed transmission or processing, a conventional current as an electric signal has achieved integrating with optical signal and emerged as electric and optical circuit. DES including optical components seems also to be promoted.

Microhm is making efforts to promote the activity to change the derating curve of resistors from ambient temperature to terminal part temperature.


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