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Current Sampling Resistors

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-14
In the circuits, low value resistors sense when the current is too high so that measures can be taken upstream before the excess current causes damage. Wirewound resistors are a popular choice for these applications. They are inexpensive, available in low resistance values, have low temperature coefficients and good surge-handling capability. Microhm has served this application for years with their power resistors.

Now, Microhm's new NS series resistors add an additional application advantage. We designed them for PC board surface mounting to satisfy the growing demand for new high density boards fabricated with automated pick-and-place equipment.
NS series resistors use an alloy strip resistance element, the best design for resistance values as low as 0.001ohms. The strip element has extremely small inductance. This feature is important where circuits involve very fast rise times; transients, or "spikes," are common in current-sensing applications.
NS series resistors are also more robust. They have only three components: the resistance strip and two leads. We weld the leads to the strip, and mold the assembly in high- temperature epoxy.

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