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Microhm's Current Sense Resistor

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-07-10
Current sensing products, the majority are surface mount, are the favorites among resistive products. These resistors, often referred to as shunt resistors, are used to monitor the current in a circuit and translate the amount of current in that circuit into a voltage that can be easily measured and monitored. Such resistors have very low resistance vales, typically less than 10 milliohms and often lower.

When designing power supplies and regulated battery circuits, the aim is to eliminate the risk of short circuits or over current conditions which are likely to damage other components. Microhm's current sense resistors are simple and economic solution.

As stated by Ohm's law, there is a voltage drop across any resistance when current is flowing. A current sensing resistor is designed for low resistance so as to minimize power consumption. As a result, the callbrated resistance senses the current flowing through it in the form of a voltage drop which is detected and monitored by the control circuitry.
Microhm produces various current sense resistors down to ultra-low values while still maintaining resistive stability. Two and four terminal configurations current sense resistors are available in Microhm. Customers will find the proper current sense resistor to fit their needs according to  mountings, constructions, and configurations.

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