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Why Choose Metal Film Resistor?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-09-02
Metal film leaded resistors are almost the definitive standard used these days. Cost, reliability, and availability of close tolerance product means that they are almost universally used for general purpose leaded resistor, HPMRY series, PMRY series, EE series, NLT series from Microhm Electronics are your best options when choosing metail film resistors. Another advantage of metal film resistors is that they generate low levels of noise as a result of their construction and technology.

 Offering a high tolerance as well as providing good long term stability and good temperature coefficient of resistance, these resistors can be used with confidence for most applications.
When using these resistors it is good practice to operate them below their maximum ratings. This is standard procedure for any design and often they may be run at a maximum of 50 to 60% of their maximum rating.

In view of their size and construction, metal film resistors are not suitable for applications where they may experience surge transients. Carbon composition resistors are much more suitable as they are able to tolerate transients far better.
Also, in view of the helical cut to trim the resistance, these resistors may be slightly inductive. Although hey are good for most applications, their performance may be affected but he inductance caused by the helical cut when used in the microwave region. However for these frequencies it is more likely that surface mount resistors may be sued int these applications.

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