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Does the Change in the Power Battery Industry Change the Demand for Resistors?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-11-22
The power battery industry is changing, and whether it will set off a multi-bone Nomi effect in the industrial chain. Upstream supply systems, including precision resistors, capacitors, shunts, lamination machines, and drying equipment, are quietly diverging.

Taking lithium batteries as an example, the future development of enterprises that enter the top ten power battery customers will be relatively comfortable, especially for lithium battery suppliers that bind large customers and become their main suppliers. According to the statistics of the High-Tech Research Institute of Lithium-Ion Research Institute (GGII), the top 10 enterprises in the total power battery installed capacity in January-October 2018 accounted for 86% of the total. New energy vehicle battery assembly accounts for nearly 65% of the market. Especially from the scale, only a few new energy vehicle manufacturers installed more than 8GWh, and the subsequent power battery companies opened 7-8 times the gap. 


These market data indicate that the current development of the power battery industry is unbalanced, which will have a huge impact on the relevant upstream industry. For the resistor industry, how much battery assembly can reflect the market's development prospects. Precision resistors, shunts and capacitors are all downstream industries in the new energy industry, and its changes have a major impact on these markets.

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