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High-power Gold Aluminum Shell Resistors used in LED Automotive Lighting Systems

Writer:万利隆电子 Page View:Date:2018-11-23
Lighting equipment has been immersed in the LED era from the era of incandescent lamps. At present, both industrial production and daily lighting, LED lamps occupy the market in the forefront. And in the daily appearance of the car, the traditional lighting has also entered the era of LED lights. This development speed is mainly due to the use of high-power resistors on LED power supplies. 

At present, the application of LED in automotive lighting is increasing, from the initial automotive interior lighting application to the wider application of headlights and combined taillights. In recent years, LED lights have become the first choice and standard for many cars, both low-end and luxury. High-power resistors play a very important role in automotive power and LED light links, with gold aluminum shell resistors being the most used on LED power supplies. The LED on the car requires high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, and the LED light source can be matched with the rich shape and line changes of the lamp. These effects can well verify the working efficiency and quality of the high-power gold aluminum shell resistor.
In many cars, the gold aluminum shell resistor has the advantages of small heat dissipation groove, small size, high power, high temperature resistance and strong overload capability, and high precision, high stability, strong frame structure and convenient installation. All kinds of environments can work stably, provide the necessary protection for car photos, and also make LEDs last longer.


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