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Microhm Achieved Great Success in electronica Shanghai, 2019

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-03-25
electronica China, lasting for three days, ringed down the curtain on Mar.22,2019 successfully. Microhm prepared elaborately and exhibited full range of resistors in the site. Customers from all over the world visited Microhm E5 - 5606, consulted resistors and experienced. Our staff's introductions of the features, applications and merits were brief and to the point.

Customers not only stayed for a time in front of the reception to learn more about products, but also streamed into Microhm's booth to have a close look of the material objects. The staff was busy and happy as our products were highly recognised by customers around the world. Microhm also entertained guests with refreshments, light meals and friut / nuts cocktails. We spared no effort to create happy and relaxed atmosphere for our customers, which impress customers deeply. 

electronica Shanghai 2019 is a platform to connect exhibitors, such as Microhm, with customers. Every year MICROHM is active in the major exhibitions. We positively communicate with industry insiders to grasp the new information and directions of the industry, insight into trends and latest technologies. Meanwhile, more customers learn Microhm itself and the resistors it produced, such as shunt resistors, metal foil resistors and latest chip resistors.
Microhm achieved great success in electronica Shanghai, 2019. We sincerely hope to see you next year.


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