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Metal Film Leaded Resistors' New Launch

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-12
Microhm has expanded its popular NCT Series of metal film axial leaded resistors and is now able to support tolerances as tight as ±0.05% and TCR values as low as ±10 ppm/K.. The resistance ranges from 0.1 Ω to 148kΩ with 1/2 to 30 watts available. This expansion greatly enhances the usability of the NCT Series for precision applications. The NCT Series has excellent overall stability to class 0.5% as well as perfect pulse loading capability and compliant to Rosh and REACH. Non-inductance winding are available under request.

Applications for the NCT Series include current sensor for test and measuring instruments, power supply with high reliability, components burn-in devices, pulse load and in rush current protectors, medical equipment and military electronics.

Pricing for metal film resistors NCT Series in a ±0.05% tolerance and 10 ppm TCR varies with size. Contact Microhm or one of our authorized distributors for pricing inquiries.


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