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Current Sense Resistors/Shunt MMS4320

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-20
Microhm offers current sense chip resistors with thick film, metal foil and metal strip resistive elements and electro-beam welded metal strip shunts. All process in house and intensive RD team to support. Fast delivery and high level quality are available.
Among them MMS4320 is a newly launched EBW resistor with power up to 7W, resistance down to 0.002ohms and TCR as low as 20ppm/K. The smaller size 1503 and 4312 are available as well.

Its reliability test performs in accordance with AEC-Q200  standards and it can be regarded as  automotive grade resistors. All these features lead the way to the application of  current sense for power hybrid, frequency converters, power modules, communication system, automatic control power supply and high power usage for the automotive market.
Current sense chip resistors are the main lineup of Microhm. Various of materials and produtction processes are ultilized to meet different market needs.  They are recognized as cost-effective components that help improve system efficiency and reduce losses due to their high measurement accuracy compared to other technologies.
While they are ideal for applications in virtually all market segments, current sense resistors are particularly useful in helping developers precisely measure current in their consumer and industrial designs.


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