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Low TCR High Precision Resistors EE Series

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-24
Known for providing a comprehensive range of military-qualified resistive precision devices, Microhm has further expanded its military product capabilities.
These cost-effective high precision moulding resistors meets ROHS requirements, MIL-R-10509 and GJB1929-94 quality standards. EE Series manufactured by depositing a homogeneous film of metal alloy onto a high-grade ceramic body, the metal film resistors are moulded into cylinder shape to provide mechanical, electrical and climatic protection.
EE series has the characteristics of 0.125W ~ 1W, tolerance tight to ±0.02%, TCR down to 5ppm. They are ultilized in medical electronics, measuring and calibration equipment, high gain feedback applications, precision instruments, avionics and telecom.

As a low TCR high precision resistor, EE Series equate Vishay, Panasonic Precision Devices, IRC, EBG,  with more competitive price and fast delivery. Contact us with your specific needs.


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