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Anti Sulfur Resistor NBS Series

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-06-25
The anti sulfur chip resistor, NBS Series, of Microhm is developed based on the severe selected material and design technologies while utilizing materials that are highly resistant to corrosion by sulfur. They are supplied after passing austere inhouse corrosion tests. A lineup of various resistors ranging from small to large (0402–2512)  are available.

In terms of chip resistors,  silver (Ag) is used as the main material for electrodes. Silver (Ag) is corroded easily by sulfur (S) and gradually transforms into silver sulfide (Ag2S). Silver sulfide (Ag2S) is nonconductive. If it is left unattended for a long period of time, no current will flow between both terminals of a resistor. It is necessary to use sulfur-resistant resistors for sets, which should ensure reliability for a long period of time even in an adverse working environment.

Excellent anti sulfur performance of anti sulfur resistor NBS series is realized by adopting the strict corrosion test conditions at 60°C with no power rating for 1000 hrs. Under the condition of international ASTM B 809-95 standards, the anti sulfur performance of these products are proven. These features enable them to be used in  industrial control system, sensor, fan, netcom station, navigation equipment, measuring instrument, telecommunication equipment, and railway system.


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