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New High Power Wire Wound Resistor NRS Series

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-07-23
NRS Series is newly launched by Microhm Electronics Ltd.. Two terminal extensions are fixed on both ends of a ceramic tube on whose surface winds wave-shaped alloy resistance wire and a high temperature-resistant and fireproof coating are applied. The coating made of norganic materials are environmentally friendly, without smoke or undesirable odor.
 The ceramic tube can function as resistance wire skeleton and heat radiator as well. This product can be customized to meet special needs of customers and applicable to simulation load test, equipment discharge, automated control and inverter's energy loss brake.
NRS Series ranges from 1 ohm to 10K ohms, with operating voltage up to 1.2 KV and rated power from 50W to 2500W. The dielectric strength is AC3KV 50Hz/5s. IP rating is IP00. Besides NRS Series, Microhm has more high power wire wound resistors, examples are Nual Series and  LHR Series, for customers' option.


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