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Microhm Electronics Cement Resistor NWH Series

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-23
Cement resistors, such as Microhm Electronics NWH series, are made by winding resistance wires around non-alkaline ceramic core or metal oxide film rod, which is added with a layer of heat and humidity resistant and non-corrosive protective material.
 If you are designing a circuit where a lot of current is being passed through a resistor and with it needing to be resistant to high heat and flame, cement resistors is a good design choice. Microhm Electronics offers cement resistor NWH series for customers’ power supply, current sensing and more applications.
Microhm Electronics cement resistor NWH series have the characteristics of below:
Temperature Range: -55°C ~ +155°C
• 5% tolerance
• Exceptionally small, sturdy, and reliable
• Sealed with a special cement
• Excellent moisture resistance
• High temperature stability
• Ceramic flame-retardant package
• Recommended wash method is alcohol
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