• Power Resistors Features and Classification

    A power resistor is a resistor designed and manufactured to dissipate large amounts of power in a compact physical package. Generally speaking, they have a power rating of at least


  • Resistors in LED Circuits

    Resistors are widely used in automobiles, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, green energy, medical instruments, precision instruments and aerospace equipments.


  • How to calculate the equivalent resistance value for resistors in circuit?

    Resistors are often connected in series or parallel to create more complex networks. Which resistor network the designer choose, it depends on the actual application.


  • Shunt resistors for current sense

    Ammeters are used to measure the AC or DC by measuring the voltage drop over a precision resistor with a known resistance. The current flow is calculated by using Ohm’s law.


  • ISO Certifications of MICROHM is Changed to 2015 Versions

    MICROHM follows the new standards and requirements of ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015 to prompt environment management level and system management level. After being strictly audited, the former version ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 certifications have been changed to new 2015 ones successfully.


  • What is a wire-wound resistor?

    A wire wound resistor ​is a resistor where a wire with a high resistivity is wrapped around an insulating core to provide the resistance. It is an electrical passive component that limits current.


  • MICROHM's Friendly Reminder-EU General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )

    GDPR refers to EU General Data Protection Regulation which renew the current EU laws and comes into effect on 25 May, 2018. GDPR aims at harmonize data protection compliance. It is going to re-define the control of how personal information/data is used and controlled both within the EU and worldwide. MICROHM renews its privacy protection rules to guarantee all customers' information.


  • The Construction and Features of Metal Film Resistors

    In resistor industry, RJ refer to metal film resistor which is usually a cylindrical axial resistor ones. Other film type resistors are carbon film, thick and thin film resistors.


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