• What is a wire-wound resistor?

    A wire wound resistor ​is a resistor where a wire with a high resistivity is wrapped around an insulating core to provide the resistance. It is an electrical passive component that limits current.


  • Why Does Precision Resistors Still In Shortage When The Price Is Rising

    As a passive electronic component, the prices of resistors rise sharply from Jan,2018. Factories explain it due to the cost rise in raw materials, ceramic wafers, manpower, environment protection and exchange rates. Why does supply fall short of demand for precision resistors? What result in the huge demand of resistors?


  • Hot Selling Products: Precision Shunt Resistors MVR3825-4/MVR4618-4

    MVR3825-4/MVR4618-4 are Microhm's regular and popular products. They catch customers' attention because of high precison and other merits.Welcome to know them with us starting from below information.


  • New lunch: High Power Precision Shunt Resistor, up to 500W-NSR Series

    NSR Series products are our new launched ones. Below detailed introduction of them are for your kind attention.


  • Resistors in Short Supply: Blame Cars

    Resistors ,the same as other passives get little attention all the time, as they are a common component rather than strategic ones. While in about past half an year, the increasing amount of electronics in cars has produced a "supply imbalance" of SMT resistors, as least in North America.


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