New lunch: High Power Precision Shunt Resistor, up to 500W-NSR Series

2017-12-28 09:50:14 post by microhm

NSR Series products are our new launched ones. Below detailed introduction of them are for your kind attention.


Features and Benefits

l  Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR)

l  +25℃ to +60℃, 25℃ ref.: 0±1 ppm/℃

l  -25℃ to +125℃,25℃ ref.: 0±5 ppm/℃

l  Utilizing Ni-Cr Bulk MetalR Foil Technology for realizing low TCR

l  Low thermal resistance with copper plate

l  Improved to 0.1 ℃/W from 0.3 ℃/W (conventional model)

1.      Maximum rated power up to 500W on heat sink

2.      Extended max. ambient temperature to 125℃ ( 85℃ with conventional model )

l  Built-in Pt100 sensor monitor temperature of resistive element

l  Easily define size of suitable heat sink

l  As safety function for continuous operation.


l  Output reference of precision power supply

l  Reference of charge-discharge test for high capacity batteries

Construction of materials

l  Base plate: Nickel-plated copper

l  Current terminal: Nickel-plated copper ( T=1.0mm )

l  Voltage and Pt terminals: Nickel-plated copper ( T=0.5 mm )

l  Package: PPS injection-molded case

Customers and staff learn more about our product layout, business growth and dreams from here. It is helpful for mutual understanding and cooperation. Microhm pays close attention to field trend and technology so as to make more progress and keep long term development.

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