Why Does Precision Resistors Still In Shortage When The Price Is Rising

2018-05-04 17:56:21 post by microhm

As a passive electronic component, the prices of resistors rise sharply from Jan,2018. Factories explain it due to the cost rise in raw materials, ceramic wafers, manpower, environment protection and exchange rates. Why does supply fall short of demand for precision resistors? What result in the huge demand of resistors? Let's figure out the market demand in 2018 together.

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1. Precision Resistors Get More Popular in Intelligent Meters

Intelligent meters, as part of smart home, become popular. Every year the market share is growing, which bring higher request for intelligence and accuracy. The manufactures produce more and more intelligent meters, which leads to the demand quantity of precision resistors increase annually.

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2. Automobiles Demand More Precision Resistors.

New energy vehicles develop rapidly every year. As the support from government in policy and popularization, the capacity of new energy vehicles will grow rapidly in the following years. As an essential component part, the demand of precision resistors is also increasing speedily.

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3. New Energy Fields Require More Precision Resistors.

The production capacity of wind energy and solar energy is growing fast globally in 2017. All countries think highly of green energies and invest massive funds, technologies and staff in it in 2018. Precision resistors play an important role in the development of new energy. Meanwhile, the development of new energy promote the need of them.

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4. Production Reduce for Some Resistors

Larger resistor manufactures issue price rise letters in the past few months in 2018. Some producers reduce the production of certain resistors due to the cost rise and environment protection. Part dealers store resistors and sell them at high price. These activities result in the unbalance of the market.


Although the price of resistors is rising in 2018, the market demand is still vigorous. According to market info, resistor demand in 2018 will rise 20% to 35% this year. The demand fields are mainly automotive, new energy, intelligent meters. It will keep increasing in future.

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