What is precision resistors

2017-11-13 19:01:47 post by microhm

Resistance tolerance, TCR, resistance components distribution and other indicators do not exceed a certain standard. When the resistance value is above 1Ω, tolerance is ±0.5% generally. When it below 1Ω, the tolerance is ±1% normally. The tolerance of Microhm's high precision resistors can be 0.05%, 0.1%.Precision resistors are widely used in aerospace, medical devices, automotive electronics, communication products and instrumentation because of their stable performance.

Standards of precision resistors:

1. High precision

2.Low TCR

3. Low parasitic parameter

Precision resistors compared with common resistors:

Common Resistors

Precision Resistors

Resistance Tolerance




±100200300~600 ppm/

±(2、5、10、15、25、50) ppm/℃

Precision resistors are made of special materials, designs and technologies. On different occasions, the and inductance have different requirements.


Technologies of electrical elements are changing everyday. Microhm’s R&D department is trying to learn more knowledge of all levels and accumulate knowledge for technology promotition and new product development.

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