Depending on our scale, expertise and experience from cooperating with varied industry field, we have developed successful supply chain solutions for customers of all sizes.

No matter what your requirements are, flexible and innovative solutions are ready for your challenges.





寄貨-0333333333.jpgConsignment Stock

The goods, including raw materials, semimanufactures and end products, are consigned at customers' end. Microhm holds the proprietorship before goods sold out. When the goods are used, customers will bear the cost. It brings convenience to manufactures, shorten lead times, save transportation fees and decrease procurement funds for customers. The way of consignment stock brings competition forces and is good for material qualities and service levels.

The minimum and maximum quantities of consignment stocks are negotiated by customers and Microhm. The best supply strategy will be formulated to achieve coordination and balance.

Microhm's appointed forwarder

The appointed forwarder will bring convenient, quick and favorable service so as to save time and economic cost of